Self Inking & Dater Stamp

 Prints are available in THREE colors.  ( Black, Blue, Red )

Self-Inking Stamp (Rectangle)


(Imprint Area  10 x 27mm)

S$ 11


(Imprint Area 14 x 38mm)

S$ 14


(Imprint Area 18 x 47mm)

S$ 16


(Imprint Area 22 x 59mm)

S$ 18


(Imprint Area  30 x 69mm)

S$ 23


(Imprint Area  40 x 60mm)

S$ 25



(Imprint Area 37 x 76mm)

S$ 28

Self-Inking Stamp (Rounded)

  PTRQ24   (Dia.  24mm)    S$ 20


   PTRQ30   (Dia.  30mm)   S$ 24


Self-Inking Stamp - Dater


(Imprint Area 24x24mm)

S$ 30


(Imprint Area 30 X 30mm)

S$ 34


( Imprint Area  24 X 44mm)

S$ 30


(Imprint Area  30 X 44mm)

S$ 34


30x45 Plastic

(Imprint Area 30 X 45mm)

S$ 38

37x58 Plastic

(Imprint Area 37 X 58mm)

S$ 44

30x45 Metal

( Imprint Area  30 X 45mm)

S$ 50

37x58 Metal

(Imprint Area  37 X58mm)

S$ 56


Dia. 40 DD/Hr

(Dia. 40mm)

S$ 38

Timer 12 hours

Timer 24 hours


Normal Dater

Dia. 20

(Dia. 20mm)

S$ 19

Dia. 25

(Dia. 25mm)

S$ 21

Dia. 34

(Dia. 34mm)

S$ 23

Dia. 50

(Dia. 50mm)

S$ 28



(Imprint Area  40 x 60mm))

S$ 28



(Imprint Area  50x70mm)

S$ 28

Dia. 43 DD/Hr

(Dia. 43mm)

S$ 30

Dia. 50 DD/Hr

(Dia. 50mm)

S$ 30


Datar Stamp Sample


Timer 12 hours        Timer 24 hours

Self-Inking Stamp Sample
Self-inking stamps are stamp that flips down upon impression and flips back up to a ink-pad inside the top of the casing. It uses a water based ink, which smears when it gets wet, just like normal stamp pad or any DeskJet printer ink.




     Delivery Services:

     All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.
   $12.00 ~ $15.00 delivery charge per trip applicable for Singapore mainland island, for items within 2kg(Additional charge is applicable for items weighing more than 2kg)
   $30.00 for Restricted/Remote Areas like Military Camps, Jurong Island, Air freight Terminal, NTU, NUS etc.

                                    Delivery charge will be waived for order above SGD$200.

                                             **please ensure that the receiving person is available on the date & time of delivery. Otherwise, additional charge for second trip is applicable.



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